My blogging experience ( and my finish post)

Hello guys, unfortunately this is my finish post 😢. Ok, in this post I'm going talk about my blogging experience, is very cool write on a blog, you share with others that you do not know your ideas and experiences withoud being embarrassed. This is a school project, my theme was drawn, and I did not want my theme to be cool places I wanted it to be science and technology, and because of that I did not find it too cool to write since the theme was not what I wanted but it was still really cool to write in a blog. I'm just not going to keep writing because I have a lot of homework. now I'm going to put a photo and my farewell:

My father's favorite cool place!!!

Hello guys, today I'm going talk about the favourite cool place of my dad. OK let's start. The favourite cool place of my dad is the Beach of Mariscal in Bombinhas, Santa Catarina, Brazil. It's a beautiful place. Ok now I'm going bring some information about this beautiful place: Bombinhas is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Santa Catarina. It is located at a latitude 27º07'54 "south and a longitude 48º31'40" west, being at an altitude of 32 meters (IBGE). Its estimated population in 2009 was 14 312 inhabitants.

It is the smallest municipality of Santa Catarina, with an Area of 34.5 km ². It has several beaches such as Bombas, Bombinhas (Center), Zimbros, Canto Grande, Conceição, Ribeiro, Mariscal, Sepultura Beach, Retiro dos Padres Beach and Four Islands Beach. And this is the history of Bombinhas: The municipality of Bombinhas was created on March 15, 1992, having been dismembered from the Municipality of Porto Belo and being constituted by…

My holiday ride

Hello everyone, today I'm going to talk about my vacation tour, which was on the Steve Jobs exhibition !!! He was a genius. In this exhibition I saw examples of his work as apple 1, apple 2 and imac better known as toaster, because he had no fan which made him overheat. I loved the exhibit had photos, phrases, magazines and his insights plus a part dedicated to! pixar. But the exhibit was a bit small, as there are many other important things about it that could have been put in, but it's a very interesting place. Now I'll put some information and a like for anyone who wants to know more: this is the link: And this is the informations:
The exhibition is at the MIS in São Paulo and goes until August 20.  And to finish these are my photos and my video:

Ok, this is was the post, bye!!!

Hotel under the water!!!

Hello everyone, today I'm going to talk about the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, it's a very beautiful hotel under the water, ok let's start. I'll leave the site link here on the side Ok, in the news it says like this: The world's first underwater hotel is being designed in Dubai, the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel. Situated ten meters from the surface, the hotel has double-thick welded steel structure and its assembly is very similar to that of an International Space Station. The development follows the maritime laws and could be used as a shelter in case of a hurricane. Patented as the first of its kind, the project will cost $ 20 million and has no release date yet.
Located on the man-made island of Palm Island, the hotel will be equipped with a 10-foot-deep elevator and will have 12 luxury suites in cylindrical shape with walls and glass ce…

June Party

Hello guys!!! Today I'm going to talk about Junina's Party!!! Let's start. I'll leave the link on the site where I got the information on the side: The news says so: The best Juninas parties in Brazil. The northeas of the country is the main director of traditional festivals. The months of June and July are know to bring and the long-awaited and traditional June festivities. Throughout the country, the celebrations in homage to St. Jonh, St. Anthony and St. Peter are a great oportunity to eat popcorn, to drink hot and to have fun with the popular dances and gangs. The June Party is considered the second most important in Brazil, being behind only the Carnival. The northeastern region is the one that takes the tradition more seriously and, therefore, performs most of the great celebrations that take place around the country. And for you not to be left out of this great celebration, the…

New news about cool places

Hello guys, today I'm going to bring you news about cool places!!! Ok, let's start. I'll leave the site link that provided me with this information on the side: It says  so in the news" The Greenk Tech Show:the largest technology and sustainability event in Brazil. A new idea, a new concept: a meeting with many attractions and with all the vibe of the generation embraced with the future of the planet! On june 23rd, 24th and 25th, at the Ibirapuera Biennial, let's get together the tech-savvy crowd in a pumping event of attractions. And let's mobilize the city around the importance of proper disposal of e-waste (electronic junk). Used devices that we no loger use, such as cell phones, smartphones, tablets, labtops, wires, keyboards, discarded during the event, will be collected and returned to the industry, as new products or as raw material! This is Reverse Logistics! This is Circular Economy! That's Greenk movement! This is …


Hello guys, today i will speak of my blog and about me!!! Ok, let´s start. My name is Isabel i´m 11 years old, this blog has been created for a school project, this blog will be about cool places of the world, like these

Okay, this was my posting until the next post, bye.